I love palm trees!

I've been on a serious hunt of tropical plants and palm trees in our area of the world. I'm in the central coast so it's a bit of Southern and Northern California all in one, except we over do our love for vintage and skinny denim. One of my biggest shames is lurking beaded and detailed clothing. Like this blouse; it seriously reminded me of my mom's wedding dress... I saw it and it blew my mind. It's part of one of the Impulse collections at Macy's and you can find it here now! The price is mind blowing, only $54!

I also purchased another blouse that had a silver crochet fabric, very pretty. I'll style it pretty soon on here soon for you guys! Did you know if you buy a sale item with your Macy's card, you'll get a coupon almost instantly for 15% off any item in the store. I saved myself some cash flow, which was great for my coffee for the rest of the week! (Think ahead!)

In an earlier post (here) on the newly dyed hue, I mentioned I had a peachy color on with a baby pink I used originally. This is what it looked like. Now it has a bubble gum hue, which I believe feels much more, me. Don't forget to always feel comfortable in your own skin! If you need to find something to make you feel prettier, do it!

with love, Teresita.

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