Blouse: INC from Macys
Vest: Plastic Island from Macy's
Bottoms: Levi's from Levi's
Shoe: TRF from Zara
Bag: Micheal Kors from Micheal Kors

I absolutely love delicate fabrics. Whether it's silk, chiffon or's such a delicate material and definitely not easy to pair if you think about it too much. I figured playing with two different crochet's wouldn't be a big deal; and it wasn't. It's quite fascinating when you take the time to pair things together, you find an outfit that you would have never chosen if you were in a hurry. 

I used to find myself procrastinating throughout my highschool years and figured I had to change that. So I learned, during those 10 minute breaks I took every hour (lol) I would simply change my task instead of relaxing from the one I was working on. That way, it kept my mind rolling, and I got more out of my day to be proud of and an extra hour in my morning get-up. The most important thing that I have learned in this life is to keep moving up, because your potential is far higher than what you imagine. Dream big, and you will accomplish big goals!


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