Pants: Fools Gold Coated Metallic Denim Charmer (find here and here)
Jacket: Civillian Jacket (similar here)
Hat: Cowboy Hat (similar here)
Blouse: Vintage (similar here)

This was one of the looks I wore the weekend before new years. We spent it in our hometown by the sea and it was quite wonderful. Now that it's the new year, I'm excited to see all of the new looks, makeovers and new hair cuts. I've noticed instagram and tumblr is pretty rejoiced with new cuts and styles...dont be afraid to try something new. We dont know what's out there waiting for us, but whatever it is, look for it! & if you need company, take someone that makes you a better you, instead of changing you into someone you are not!

My two cents. Happy New Year! Goodluck <3

Fancy Pants

Little Red Dress