Skirt: Anthropologie (similar here)
Pumps: Cathy Jean (similar here)
Cropped Jacket: Plastic Island (similar here)
Hat: Local Shop (Carmel Hat Shop here, similar here)

We get confused about where we're going and what we're doing because really amazing things happen in the middle of superficially great times in our lives.  The key to it is to stay focused. Stay true to you and what you want. Let go of your fear to disappoint people that surround you. It's true, disappointments only come from  those who never supported you in the first place.  If love comes in all different shapes and sizes, then everyone should understand where you're going in life the same way you understand their decisions as well.

While I was visiting my awesome hair stylist and friend  in Carmel, I stopped by my first Anthropologie  shop. While I was just browsing, I saw this incredible skirt in the back of the store. (in the sale section -shocking-)
And for the shoes, I found them while I was Christmas Shopping at this adorable little local shop in Capitola. I got my best friend the same pair in red. At least we are in control of a few things in life....what we do for others.


Los Angeles

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